Ch. 44 + bunnies

Hello~ here is chapter 44 for you!

[Progress for chapter 45: 100%. You can find it of you click the link ‘next’ at the end of chapter 44, but it is password protected. The password is: cliffhangerofdeath ]

[Progress for chapter 46: 40%]

Nothing much to sat this time, other than 2 things :

  1. I finally got the idea of placing all the dense grammar notes in one page (can be seen here and at the bottom of the menu), so only the ‘thank you’s and the actual relevant notes (and the ‘honestly I have no idea what this says but I’m still giving it a guess’ – or ‘wild guess’ for short) stay.

  2. Ooops, I already forgot what the second poin- oh. The grammar towards the end is a little lousy~ if you’d like to suggest an improvement please do so~ remember I’m not a native Eng. Speaker :3
    Sorry to bore you with this, just run over to the chapter! 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

ch. 43 + danger

This chapter elaborates on teaching Vito about… Danger. 

chapter 43 is here!

Ps: remember the last time I warned you about a bloody scene?  XD yeah, I am not the best with warnings. 
Also, sorry this took so long. There is a ton of notes and my Japanese level was seriously challenged this time, amongst other things, but I do hope you enjoy the chapter. (And yes, I procrastinated badly too…) Anyway, just make sure you have a table to flip nearby, and you are set. 
Here, I leave you one for free.

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Have a good day/night~!

Ch. 42 + Finally~

[Progress for Ch. 43: 50%] ->(i blame Nuf for the slow progress!!!)

Hi~ here comes the next instalment of This Boy is Cuter Than Me— ehrm, i mean, here is ch. 42 of Dragon Life.

also leaving the link for ch. 41 for those who didn’t catch me being sneaky :c

and, also, look! some eggies! xD sorry i’m i’m addicted to too many things :c

as per usual i feel like i wanted to post a lot of stuff here, but meh, i forgot. just enjoy this chapter! it’s… a bit weird XD

Au revoir~!

Chapter 40 + Markdown~


clicky-click (chapter 40)
Aaaaanyway, guess whoooo finally got a hang of how to work with WordPress~ (ಥuಥ)

I found how to copy a page AND how to make footnotes. Ah, God bless Markdown. Anyway, now you can click the little numbers and they’ll take you to my footnote, and if you click the little arrow you’ll be taken back to the text hooohohohoho. 

Let’s not think about how it took me about a year to figure this out, please. (´∀`*)

Also, today’s eclipse should have been visible over here. Like, we won’t be seeing another over here in like 30 years. And yes, why, of course, today’s cloudy as fuck. Other than the clouds darkening a bit and it screwing my internet signal during the eclipse’s peak, I will have nothing to tell of it to my next generation of cats. 

I hope you all are doing well, see you soon, hopefully ~