ch. 56 + blood colored things

hi~ I have brought you some blood– I mean, another chapter!!  It has been a while since we had some blood. Also, I had to refrain from making some dirty jokes in the second half… Especially since it has a more serious tone than the first half. Maybe. It’s another roller coaster. 

Here we go, enjoy!! 

Chapter 56~


Ch.55 + rollercoaster #2

People people!  I bring you another emotional rollercoaster!! I mean, another chapter. Grab onto your seats firmly. Chapter 55 is here!!  

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The new year hasn’t arrived here yet, but I’m getting ready to party!!!  …yeah no, to eat. Anyway, sorry that this took so long, that character whose lines are always difficult for me made an appearance and I got stuck. (╥_╥) but it’s solved all nicely, I think!! 

I wish you all the best for 2018. May you all reach your goals, find lots of amusing novels to devour, and may I complete this translation this year!!  (¯︶¯


Ch. 54 is a mess

Hi~ I have chapter 54 up!  :D grab onto your seats, and I hope you enjoy the ride! 
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This was probably the longest chapter I’ve tl’ed :0 

Also sorry to the people who couldn’t read ch. 49 because it wasn’t there (I deleted it by mistake (-_ლ) but it’s back up! Tee-hee! ☆⌒(≧▽​° ) )

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Ch. 52 + bunnies again :3

hello! it’s been a long while, but i have an update! :D

Chapter 52

also, ch. 53 ends in a cliff, don’t read it if you are bad with cliffs :c

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i will try leaving some dragons down there because i haven’t in a while… (though I’m not sure I’m doing this right~) Don’t worry if they die though! they’re meant to become zombies :3

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

ps, also, midori, if you’re around there, come back to nuf! your faithful (?) harem (??) awaits you!

Ch. 51 + evolved note army

Hello!  I bring you an update~

I wrote it so that you technically can reach the end without reading the notes, if you have some basic knowledge of Japanese (or decide to just ignore the notes even if you get lost xD). But it was just impossible on some places. The level of this chapter was HELL, my kung-fu is not that advanced! 

Well, if you haven’t heard of the tale: The Town Musicians of Bremen, you may want to click here (or read the note I added within the chapter): wikipedia.

Without further ado, the chapter! 

ch. 51 clicky-click

Ch. 49 + omg

omg. chapter 49 is here!

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but omg.

anyway, notes 1-4 are only me being lost, so you can skip those XD notes 5 & 6 are a bit more relevant.

Sorry for the delay, but this is a long chapter in compensation~

and omg.