11 thoughts on “Dragon Life -Chapter 19 part 2

  1. Glowy says:

    Ahhhhhhh!!! Thank you so much for translating ;^; I have been waiting for this for like so many months it feels .


      • Ah I see, thank you for your hard work!

        Could you tell me roughly how long does it take you to translate? (Say 5000 characters as an estimate, which is around chapter 4’s length).

        Just asking since I’ve been interested in working with others on translating/editing Dragon Life for some time.


        • Ninish says:

          Lol, it depends on a lot of things. Reading and listening for ur own pleasure are different from translating. My japanese procifiency isn’t high at all, and since when it’s for urself you can skip some terms and you get the general meaning, it’s faster and almost instantaneous. But when translating you may want to be accurate either with the meaning or literality (i go with the former, since it’s easier for me). And, just that half a chapter took me a long while. As long as i get some real skill or get used to this my speed might not be reduced. For now, i can’t give you a definite answer. (Besides, japanese-en is more difficult for me since i speak spanish, lol) However, the good part of this series is that it does not have complicated terms. Maybe you should ask an english native speaker, or wait until i have 5 chapters up, then ask once again :0


  2. lazybuns says:

    Thank you sooooooo much *cries* This is my favorite webnovel so far but I’m just a leech so I wait in agony ;_; thank you for picking this up! Bless you (^_^)

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