Chapter 21 – part 2 + Jisho 2

Part 2 here~ (///•.•///)  & Killer ponytails.

Also, Jisho is just lovely. Did I mention before it works offline? No?

Anyway, you can pour an entire sentence in it and it will give you the meaning of every word .  HOWEVER, I do recommend caution, as it tends to get confused with kana writing (hiragana). Like, for example, if you dropped this: そんなことばかり
(Sonna koto bakari), it could interpret it as Sonna kotoba kari. There’s no much problem with words which have kanji, however. It’ll be up to you to determine the verbal form, but it is very useful for people who have kanji problems, mostly!! I repeat, it won’t translate a sentence, it will only try to identify words and show you their neutral meaning. Still, it is love. ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ)

11 thoughts on “Chapter 21 – part 2 + Jisho 2

  1. Mikleo says:

    I’m probably gonna get bashed for this. Anyway, first of all, thanks for the translations!

    But, can you please do not do the Translation Notes within the story/chapter so often? I’m getting confused if the MC is the one saying it or if it’s the TN. Why not just put (1) or (2)… something like that, then after the chapter is finished, you can rant or say the things you like? Like what the other translators did?

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    • Ninish says:

      I’m lazy to do that, but shall xD is it fine that i clarify who is talking when it’s unclear? I get confused sometimes, especially with very short sentences, so I clarify that for other people too, but if that’s annoying too I won’t do it anymore :3 . Also, I believe I will go back to translate this. I’m kinda busy (withagamecoughcough) this week, but I believe I could have something for Sunday. Maybe xD thanks to you for your opinion! I will come around to answer other comments before Sunday (stupid game. My 3000 soldiers are permanently dying of hunger (╥_╥) I need to keep attacking enemies so that they don’t die…)


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