Chapter 23 + cliffy + jisho. Yet again xD

Chapter 23 is there -> beware because it might be sort of cliffy-ending, and you may want to wait for the next one and read them together. Just saying.

And ohohohohoh I noticed jisho allows you to use a western keyboard to write in simple kana, which is just lovely <3 and it also will show you a kanji's stroke order if you click on it! \(☆o☆)/ That's cool!

today's chapter is full of notes… I apologize in advance ○| ̄|_

It’s ninish in Lalaland~☆

25 thoughts on “Chapter 23 + cliffy + jisho. Yet again xD

  1. I didnt take the advise not to read before the next chapter, now Im having regrets.
    Thank you very much!
    looking forward, really looking forward.. F5 .. F5
    to the next chapter T^T


  2. FernwehDesu says:

    OH NO. I DIDN’T LISTEN TO YOUR ADVICE AND NOW I REGRET IT SO. FREAKING. MUCH. NAI WAAAA… I want to turn back time… This torture of cliff hanger… When will it end……. Help….
    Thanks for the chap…ter… *cries a river of frustration*

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      • not exactly? it’s like how Labs and chihuahuas are related they’re different breeds. Although sub-species might be more accurate like Arctic wolves to Grey wolves. Species would be Zebras to horses or donkeys to horses. Basically, it’s a little more complicated @.@ sorry I’m an animal nerd.


    • Ninish says:

      Wooooooh!!! So brave!! Don’t read it!! I will try to translate at least a part of the next one today. Emphasis on ‘to try’. I will let you know anyway if there’s a cliff on sight :3


  3. I read it. It was good. I bet the next one’s gonna be amazing ;_;
    I hated the “unicorn” though. Just… no.
    I wonder if Vito’s gonna flee the scene or talk to captain and the guys after her rampage :))

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  4. lazybuns says:

    Omg omg vito is soooo cool!!! I’m so excited for the next chapter! I want to know what happens to Captain seeing his OH SO LOVED DRAGON is actually vito! ~

    Thanks for the chapter translator-san!!

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  5. I refuse to read it until the next one comes out, I don’t want to be comrades with the ones tiring out their arms… Thanks so much for all your hard work though!!! I admire your love of Jisho….


  6. Xerand says:

    Thanks for the chapter :)

    OMG, this cliffhanger is enormous… Also finally some guts were spilled. About Vito… She is quickly becoming one of my favorites female protagonist I ever had. While shes usually acting a little dumb (well that and her comments are part of her charm), in fact she is actually quite intelligent. I mean this entire dialogue with Unicorn was great.

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