19 thoughts on “Chapter 26 pt 1 – intentional cliff

    • Ninish says:

      Uh-oh. That depends. If it’s the part where she recalls what was said at her back at the castle and replied to them in their head, it was intended. If it’s something else , then it was just me being a clutz. Opsie. Teehee! I will check it out later~


  1. FernwehDesu says:

    Torture. What a destructive hit. The skill is so effective, I died ten times.
    Thanks for the chapter……………. I want more… Like, maybe four… thousand chapters in one day? Lmao. *cries an ocean*

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  2. Xerand says:


    Why this cliff is lethal :(

    Im wondering how all of this would work out. I hope that noone of the nobles is stupid enough to try abducting or chaining her. If they are… well things could end bloody. For one side :D. The other side wiil have delicious banquet at her disposal :)

    Thanks for part of this chapter :)


  3. PR says:

    For the ***s, would the sentences make sense if they were the individuals’ names? It seemed like that might be what they were meant to be when she mentioned the names being unclear after the dream.


    • Ninish says:

      Ooh i hadn’t thought of that. Thanks you! For the first sentence, no, since ‘name’-happens doesn’t fit. It’s more like ‘if a catastrophe happens’ or ‘bad things happens’. For the 2nd one, it may be the case. She either insults him or calls him by his name, then says, ‘I’ll make you into my opponent/enemy!’


  4. ;_;
    Poor Vito. Kinda reminds me of the pressure a lot of my friends get (cuz we kinda smart lol) from their parents. Its suffocating. I swear my friend broke down in tears because she got 80% instead of 90% on a quiz, and that scares me. I would NOT want to experience that.
    Captain~ beat up the Prince for Vito please! WAS IT NOT OBVIOUS THAT IT SHOULD’VE BEEN KEPT A SECRET??
    Thanks for the chapter~ :D


    • Ninish says:

      That prince is regrettable so it can’t be helped, can it? Also, yeah, expectations are scary, especially when there are feeling a or affection involved, one side won’t want to hurt the other, while the other will believe those expectations are for that person’s sake. Sometimes, it’s not for the best; sometimes it’s just for pride. … Ok, I should sleep now. Chapter-part is out~

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  5. That cliffhanger…! It kills me, but I must say that cliff was very well timed for max effect xD After all this, I hope the Prince apologizes in seiza and accepts his fate as Vito’s next snack in atonement for all of Vito’s sufferings = A = Thanks for the chapter~! (it’s the captain who came right?! Right?! // internal squealing)


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