Chapter 27 – part 1 + draggies

Hi~ Chapter 27 – part 1 has arrived. don’t expect too much from it, it’s only 4 pages and it’s not my favourite event ever. i stopped there in order not to stop in an awkward place. I’ll be unable to translate for a couple of days because of work; reports should die. or better yet, face extintion. i hope the end of this chapter will be posted before sunday comes about~

i guess i have nothing to post that’s fun? oh yeah, i ended up reading some cat memes that made me rofl so much… so it’s the kitties fault that this took so long! :D

and, Dragon Cave. are there people who play this around? i managed to get all of my April 1st eggies, yay~ it took me a long while but i achieved it! i also love the new dragons! for the march release, i was dying because i didn’t notice there was a new release until almost midnight since i was all pumped up in translation ;n; i wanted to introduce my forehead to my desk so badly… but all’s well that ends well since i got all the eggs i wanted :3

see you next time!

16 thoughts on “Chapter 27 – part 1 + draggies

  1. Vito is too nice ;-;. That Maribelle… She is a piece of something (bitch) like what the heck? Yelling at Vito just because some guy gave her an ornament, she’s just a dumb (bitch) person. Believing baseless rumors and then yelling at our cute dragon-chan. And then this chapter took a toll towards “pitying” her. But she’s just a an idiot (bitch). The typical girls in a ones (bitches). You are too nice Vito -.-


    • Ninish says:

      La novela está completa, creo. Solo q yo traduzco muy lento :’D ahora, si te refieres al capítulo, me faltan como 7 pags ;n; mientras tanto, puedes tratar de lavarles el cerebro a tus otros amig@s q hablen español con esto~: (capi 1 en español xD )


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