Chapter 30 – killing moves.

it’s here! it took another forever!

I actually fell asleep last night xD I  read some novels to clear my head then woke up all frozen over, lol. (It’s winter over here so… winter isn’t coming!! (´ヮ`) )

This chapter has some killing moves. Beware. You may need to read this in a place where nobody will see you squeal or where you are allowed to laugh. least they think you are a weirdo.

On the other hand, I was reading undead seeks warmth… that guy would get along with Vito so very well xD

Anyway, next chapter makes me happy. I’ll try to get some of it out by Sunday. ;3

See you then!

It’s ninish in Lalaland~☆

15 thoughts on “Chapter 30 – killing moves.

  1. ScavArmyGen says:

    I see this kingdom full of earth dragons highbreds if she dose not die with him in battle.

    hmm wonder if they have to eat people like there mom well it should have happened long before now and it would have if some of the summed heroes stayed in this world the last one should have left the book and if the dragons did not die with their contracted rider mostly the riders are to blame here they are brave but foolish to think going to war was a good idea .


  2. KuRuuRuu says:

    Thank you for the chapter!!
    I’ve finally reached here~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
    Really loves this story!!! Cuteness overload!!! (≧∇≦)


  3. helical says:

    I really expected her to eat the kidnappers.

    I mean before she was revealed as the dragon she was eating humans pretty regularly but she’s been abstaining since she was revealed. Shouldn’t she be getting really hungry at this point?

    Kidnappers would have been an ideal sort to eat.


    • Ninish says:

      I was thinking that too… I want her to start eating the annoying characters so i don’t have to translate so much troublesome dialogue xD


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