Chapter 32 + note army evolved

​hi! ch 32 is here~ don’t know what to make out of this chapter o.o also, there’s an army of LONG notes at the end. skip them all if you wish xD they are  a mess.
on another note  I’m having problems with my laptop. I may need to buy another one, but since I’m unable to save money for the life of me, that may take forever (ノД`) 

just the other day I bought a figurine of kuroko and one of ciel. which I didn’t want. I NEEDED THEM. and I hired a new data plan (with more gigas) for my modem. and now the laptop is being an idiot. ugh. 

anyway, I watched Tanaka-kun. I have to agree that that guy is a male version of me at school. it’s a miracle I even graduated with good marks since I lived like that.
anyway,  enjoy the chapter!  no ominous remarks this time, *lol*

12 thoughts on “Chapter 32 + note army evolved

        • Ninish says:

          Full blown!! Well, inside my head xD (cause, you know, I do care about my public image a little bit xP) these terrible delusions are… well, terrible. To the point that if I didn’t have them then I wouldn’t be myself, hehehehe. So I can’t stop them. I guess my biological clock which said ‘you’re not in middle school anymore’ just got broken at some point (′○` ) but at the same time, I kinda don’t wanna stop… it’s fun as hell. how could ppl ever want to stop? heheheh


  1. Dian Nugrahari says:

    Well, at least you’re not like me. I’ve been Tanaka kun since elementary school and even all through med school. The Teacher’s voice is like a lullaby to me. 10 minutes and I’m a goner…. Zzzz…


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