Chapter 33 + shoubu

Hi~ it’s here!  

Also, I changed the theme, but idk if the new colors make it hard on the eyes to read or something. Please let me know if you have problems with the colors.

And, warning: my notes are becoming weirder as time passes, this time they may even be R15 xD you may want to skip them this time if you no fujoshi/fudanshi (but I’m still laughing, *lol*) *shoubu!* actually, the dangerous one is the 13th, dem others be safe. 

Well, enjoy chapter~

9 thoughts on “Chapter 33 + shoubu

  1. Xerand says:

    Good job translating this series :D. I cant wait to see how the situation will devolop :). All of this is getting more and more interesting with every chapter but well… Vito must grow up and find her resolve because sometimes shes REALLY hesitant and childish… and hesitating on battlefield in most cases lead to death – your own or the others you value. Dont take me wrong I can see her situation and how stresfull it is but sometimes you just need to act, to take things in your own hands and work with them… Then live with the consequences of your actions.

    Also if Im rude then Im sorry but I think not many noticed that on the left panel there are 2 links leading to repectively Chapter 34 and 35 :D


    • Ninish says:

      Yeees they are there but don’t read them unless you want to die from cliffhanger!! xD i hope to Complete ch. 36 tomorrow and then i’ll announce them all together :v

      I’m kinda asleep right now so i’ll answer to your comment properly tomorrow. I hope u see this before you actually read the chapters!! XD


  2. Xerand says:

    Welp. Unfortunately I read them first then I write the comment :D. Yeah… This cliffhanger is epic in the scale :/. Whatever there is only one logical thing to do: Thank you for your hard work :). Im looking forward to the next chapter :)


    • Ninish says:

      oops xD my fingers had been itching to just add them p once they were finished, guess i’m gonna have to put my fingers on a leash next time u.u

      and yeah, let’s hope all this finally pushes vito forward. also, with this, will vito continue to be divided between here and japan? :o?


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