Ch. 42 + Finally~

[Progress for Ch. 43: 50%] ->(i blame Nuf for the slow progress!!!)

Hi~ here comes the next instalment of This Boy is Cuter Than Me— ehrm, i mean, here is ch. 42 of Dragon Life.

also leaving the link for ch. 41 for those who didn’t catch me being sneaky :c

and, also, look! some eggies! xD sorry i’m i’m addicted to too many things :c

as per usual i feel like i wanted to post a lot of stuff here, but meh, i forgot. just enjoy this chapter! it’s… a bit weird XD

Au revoir~!

4 thoughts on “Ch. 42 + Finally~

  1. Noct says:

    Hello, thank you for translating Dragon Life! I just found it out by chance from the old translators and was really sad that it was discontinued. I saw by chance that you picked it up and can’t thank you enough. :)
    Say, how come your releases are not popping up on Baka-Updates? It would be easier for people to find you, although I realize that’s a double edged sword so I won’t tell on you if you prefer to keep quiet.


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