Ch. 62 part 1 + Gorillas

Hi hi~

I’ve brought you a chapter part! i have noo excuse other than i’ve been prey to more anxiety than normal lately x_x but i hope you enjoy this chapter. Don’t drink anything while reading the latter part, you may choke. Or you may want a gun to kill someone XD

link’s here!

i was going to rant here, but things went smoother than i thought they’d go… and i may or may not be traveling to Japan EventuallyTM (which is better than the NeverTM that had been branded in my life so far XD) but i still don’t know how to feel about that… because… AnxietyTM. Why’re you reading this anyway? go read the chapter-part!!!

8 thoughts on “Ch. 62 part 1 + Gorillas

  1. Ahsudole says:

    Thanks for the chapter! So many cliffs tho… good luck with the AnxietyTM, I know how bad it can be, especially when traveling overseas is involved


  2. Thank you for the chapter! I know AnxietyTM can be rough. Breathe (extra oxygen can make you feel CalmerTM), and try to trust yourself that you can work through problems even if things don’t go as planned. I hope you feel better!

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  3. Anra7777 says:

    Well, that’s pretty much what I’ve expected for a long while now. I suspect that the others were called over and became the other Sacred Beasts… Although why Itoka doesn’t need to be summoned and the others do, I can also guess that it’s because of Hana…


    • Anra7777 says:

      I forgot to say, thanks for the chapter! Sorry to hear about your anxiety, I 100% understand, as I’ve been facing Anxiety myself the past month. I’m looking forward to the next chapter.


  4. Xerand says:

    The plot thickens :) My god there is so many cliffhangers in this novel now. I’m really looking forward to the later chapters :)

    Sad to hear it, but don’t worry :) I’m speaking from expierience, since I went on a student exchange program to Hungary, alone, not knowing the language, but this anxiety will pass :) People are always worrying before the fact, and then after they finally do it, they will find out that it’s not that big of a deal. Of course, there is also the possibility that they think that, because they can adjust to circumstances, but the only way to find out is do it yourself. If you already made decision, then stop double-thinking and doubting yourself and jump :) Who knows what the time will tell :D


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