Ch. 21 Part 1 + jisho

Yay! Half a chapter for you here!

And, i’m in love.

With a dictionary.

When i use my pc i use NJ star japanese as a jp writing tool, dictionary and kanji search by radical. But it doesn’t have a mobile version. Sooo…  searching i found Jisho. It is a jp-en-jp dictionary, and has the kanji search by radical Yay~ about the writing, i just downloaded a random emoji  keyboard and instaled the japanese language and voila  

So if u r like me and need such tools, me recommend those. Me like. I haven’t used other of the many dicts. that there are in the play store, but this one had all but like, one of the words I needed in this half chapter~ so enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Ch. 21 Part 1 + jisho

  1. Hey hey! Thanks for part 1~

    Also, I started translating a web novel as well “Ryuugoroshi no Sugosuhibi”

    Drop by if you’re ever interested Ninish!


    • Ninish says:

      I know right? XD… OKno.
      No, actually I’m mainly translating this for myself coughcough. Like, i was dying to know what was coming and all so this happened… also, I repeat. A ponytail is coming. Not winter, that’s old already. A ponytail.


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